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Mobile GPS and Fall Detection units available!

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Special Assistance

Strobe light


In the event a client is hard of hearing and needs additional confirmation when a signal is sent to our console, we can provide a strobe light. This light will blink when a signal is sent to and received by our monitoring unit allowing the client with visual confirmation for peace of mind.

Please call to order: 1-800-752-5522

Sip and Puff


For clients who need additional assistance with motor skills, we have a sip and puff available. The pendant and tube clip on and with a simple puff into or sip from the tube mouth piece, this specialized device will send a signal through the unit to our monitoring center.

Please call to order: 1-800-752-5522



Two of our units also have Braille lettering for those with visual impairments. Lettering clearly indicates our Emergency and Reset buttons for ease of use.

Please call to order: 1-800-752-5522

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