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Personal Emergency Response Systems

One of the worst parts of growing older is the loss of independence. Similarly, disabled individuals often crave the opportunity to live life on their own, despite the obvious dangers that could arise. Fortunately, thanks to the development of personal emergency response systems, a growing number of senior citizens and disabled individuals are now able to take back their independence--while remaining safe.

For more than 25 years, Vital Link has been providing personal emergency response systems to the senior citizen and disabled communities. Although we are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, our service covers the entire United States, requiring only a phone line to be connected. This widespread service and extensive expertise has positioned us as one of the leading personal emergency response companies in the country.

Through the simple use of one of our Two Way Voice Units, senior citizens are simply a "button press" away from help. The system is simple. A unit is connected directly to the phone line. In the case of any problem, simply press the button on the unit to be immediately connected to our emergency dispatcher. Our systems also come with portable transmitters that can connect to your unit no matter where you are located in or around your house.

At Vital Link we are proud to be a family run and owned business. It allows us to focus on providing our customers with superior and individualized customer service. We believe it's important to remain available to answer any of our customer's questions or concerns. Our job is to be there when no one else is, and we take that responsibility quite seriously.

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