Mobile GPS and
Fall Detection units available!
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Feel free to call Vital Link with any questions regarding installation or online orders at 510-338-3466.
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  Installlation Options

Vital Link installation $50 fee (regardless of payment method)
Two-Way Voice Unit Two-Way Voice Unit

($26.95 a month)
  Vital Link System plus Medication Dispenser
Home and Yard Unit Home and Yard Unit

($37 a month)
Fall Detection Pendant Fall Detection Pendant

($37 a month)
Mobile GPS Unit Mobile GPS Unit
/ One-time Activation: $99
/ One-time Activation: $49
($36.95 a month) / Free Activation!
Cord-Mate Cord-Mate
Cord-Mate: $25 month
Automated Medication Dispenser Medication Dispenser

($27.95 a month)

Please check off any additional products you would like

Lockbox Lockbox ($35 + tax for CA residents)
One-time fee
Additional Pendant Additional Pendant ($35 + tax for CA residents)
One-time fee
Additional Home and Yard Pendant Additional Home and Yard Pendant ($5 month)
Would you prefer a neck pendant or a wrist button? Neck Pendant Wrist Button